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University of Roehampton

First class brand communications

University of Roehampton

The University of Roehampton is a modern university, with a diverse student community. In 2017 a new brand identity was introduced, and we were enrolled to bring this to life across multiple touchpoints.

We first set about testing and developing the identity, to help realise its potential. We then created a graphic language that speaks to Roehampton’s distinct demographic, whilst conveying their core values.

Colour science
Our first task was to create a complimentary secondary palette. An additional three colour pairings offered a huge amount of variety and versatility.

A window of opportunity
The R plays a big part in the new identity, acting as a window into university life.

We helped devise a strategy for its use across communications, before creating a whole range of course specific artworks.

A strong brand plays a key role in developing and building awareness, and we’ve seen our applications and enrolments grow over the last two years. We trust Land of Plenty wholeheartedly with our brand, and their strong attention to detail ensures every project is something which we are proud of.

Caragh Johnson
Head of Marketing and Communications

Tried and tested

We’ve strengthened the brand presence, building on strong foundations

A class of their own

Together we’ve improved the quality and consistency of brand communications

Put into practice

We’ve used inspired thinking to create original and compelling communications

Old school formats
Working with the in-house comms team, we have helped create a large number of communications over the past few years – from visitor lanyards for the Open Days, to a number of permanent onsite banners.

For three consecutive years we have been tasked with devising the messaging and creative for Roehampton’s student recruitment campaign, helping to build brand presence nationally and bring a degree of consistency to their brand voice.

Having studied the challenges that face the team, we have been able to better advise and support them from the inside out. Together we’ve strengthened Roehampton’s brand presence, within the incredibly competitive university market.