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On 19th May 2024, Land of Plenty Co-founder Joe Russell will be running the Hackney Half Marathon to raise money for MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians). We have set up the following Just Giving page to receive donations towards this great charity/non-profit working to provide aid and access to high-quality care for Palestinians living through the current war. We would be hugely appreciative of any support you could give. 🙏


Nurturing the spirit of community

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Community is a word that gets bandied around a lot these days. But how do you bring it through your brand in a meaningful way? invited co-founder’s Joe and Jonny to discuss the importance of community for brand DNA.


NEW WORK: Happy Endings

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We’re thrilled to introduced our new case study for Ice Cream brand Happy Endings. Check out the world of fun, colour, nostalgia and chaos.

10.03.24 View Project

Hospitality: Paving the Path Forward

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Picture of Land of Plenty co-founder, Jonny Rowe

Land of Plenty co-founder Jonny Rowe speaks to Hospitality Net on the important role hospitality has in shaping our futures.


Embracing the 1%er philosophy

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Land of Plenty Co-founder Joe Russell speaks about 1%ers, and the continual pursuit of better...

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Introducing The Shift…

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We are thrilled to introduce The Shift, a new report series with an accompanying monthly newsletter. The ideas and insights pillars that underpin the work we do here at Land of Plenty.

We’re firm believers in the idea that small steps lead to big places and our goal with The Shift is to share our sector-specific research to maximise its impact and effectuate our mission to build brands the planet loves.

The first edition focuses on the hospitality sector's current landscape, offering strategies for businesses to become more sustainable, purpose-driven, and community-focused, together with advice on how your brand should respond to these directions.

Want to find out more? Download the report and make The Shift.