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Embracing the 1%er philosophy

As a creative agency, the desire to improve things is ingrained in our DNA. The inherent nature of considering every detail of a client’s brand has always been a driving force.

As is outlined in our latest report “The Shift: Hospitality Edit”, the idea of marginal gains has reshaped our approach, leading to a mindset shift we now fondly call the ‘Brand 1%ers.’ It understands that not every idea has to be big or groundbreaking. By improving and optimising performance or ‘ways of doing’ by a small amount across a number of different areas it can lead to much more significant, noticeable improvements overall.

It all started a few years ago with encounters that aligned like stars in the creative sky. “Makers and Mavericks”, a weekend event by Hiut Denim Co, introduced us to the concept of ‘One Percent Better,’ an ode to falling in love with the incremental. Simultaneously, we were introduced to Dave Brailsford’s ‘Aggregation of marginal gains’ concept he instilled within British Cycling. Both philosophies resonated deeply, emphasising the transformative power of analysing minutiae for improvement.

Most important for us was the internal impact of the rebrand, as it was the first time we felt like a high end, boutique design firm. The process helped us to recognise where we were going as a company, and we are thrilled with the final results. We could not recommend Land of Plenty highly enough.

Dan Blacklegde

Festival Founder

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  • Photography

    Sam Smith, Molly Downs

  • Web build

    Ben White

  • Copywriting

    John Jones