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Avery Dennison Toffee League

Celebrating a business at the top of its game

Brand Positioning & Identity

When world-leading label and trims innovator Avery Dennison wanted to raise brand awareness within Portland’s sports apparel scene, they made influencing the city’s creative community their number one goal.

A co-ed soccer league was born. A place for creative expression and a chance for Avery Dennison to connect with potential partners. Our solution to the league’s identity drew on the city’s alternative culture, and its famous motto: Keep Portland Weird.

We set the weirdness-bar high, challenging participants to create their own eccentric kits and badges. This drove the competition on and off the field, and helped to lay the foundations for the social club that it is today.

The weird and the wonderful
Our slogan, Make Football Weird, not only informed the league’s visual identity and communications, but also acted as a rally cry to all competitors and collaborators.

Wear your heart on your sleeve
We encouraged teams to design their own kits and badges, and players to customise their jerseys at a pre-tournament activation.

ADTL was an idea aimed at raising brand awareness within the Portland creative community. Land of Plenty took this as their starting point and brought the league to life, through clever positioning, a cut through identity and playful communications, which ultimately inspired the participants to embrace Avery Dennison products.

Nikita Jayasuriya
Global Director, Head of Team Sports, Avery Dennison

Off the bar!
The league joined forces with Portland’s Toffee Club, making this a social club as much as a football league.

With teams from the likes of Ace Hotel, Nike, Airbnb, and Wieden+Kennedy, this was a place in which sport met with art, fashion, design, and culture.

A great line-up
Amongst other things, our involvement included the creation of Marky the mascot, and the design of the goalkeepers’ jersey, league badge, referee’s badge, and a welcome pack.

The results speak for themselves; now in it’s fourth successive season, this project placed Avery Dennison on the backs of a new global fanbase, and ultimately positioned them as creative leaders in their field.