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Away Days Brewing Co.

Serving up a refreshing beer brand

Brand Positioning & Identity

Away Days Brewing Co was born out of Portland-based English football pub, The Toffee Club. Its beer follows in the owners’ footsteps, from humble European roots to honorary Portland mainstays.

The solution to the identity lay in their name, and its double meaning – holidays in the US, and following your (footy) team in the UK. This perfect balance of travel, adventure, passion and dedication kicked the whole thing off.

When we were tasked with appealing to a younger beer-drinking crowd, we turned to street culture for inspiration, and Away Dave was born. Our brand mascot would always be on the move, beer in hand.

Land of Plenty has given us a really strong foundation from which to build our brand. We’ve already grown the wholesale business to over 25 bars and restaurants throughout Portland, including Providence Park – home to our beloved Portland Timbers

Niki Diamond
Away Days Founder and Marketing Manager

Shelf appeal

The striking identity cuts through the predictable Portland craft beer scene

Market ready

The tools and guides we provided helped the team to quickly market the beer and tap room to businesses and locals

All systems go

The packaging design system allows the flexibility to add new beers at little ongoing cost

Showing our stripes
The graphic identity was built around a bold stripe, reminiscent of parasols, deckchairs, and continental bar awnings (plus a subtle nod to classic football jerseys, of course).

This systematic approach allows Away Days to package and distinguish between multiple beers at very little ongoing cost.

By embracing youthful thinking and street culture, the striking identity cuts through the saturated and predictable Portland craft beer scene. Our work has given the brand a solid pitch on which to compete.