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Yard Sale Pizza

An identity made by hand

Brand Positioning & Identity

The idea for Yard Sale Pizza was cooked up in a hand-built oven, from a Hackney back yard. Driven by the ambition to create a new kind of neighbourhood pizza delivery brand, they opened their first site in 2014.

Founded by art school friends, our mission was to capture their creative spirit. The core thought ‘Handmade, hand delivered’ would prove to be the central ingredient of the identity to follow.

Variety is the spice of life
We first defined the brand’s values, from which everything followed. The multiple hand drawn logo strategy, for instance, expresses the values of individuality and creativity. Apart from distinguishing them from the myriad of cookie-cutter high street pizza joints, this approach of having sites unique to each location, also reflects the value the founders place on community.

Building Character
We gave illustration a central role in the identity, which has provided the brand with character and artistic expression. Over the years we’ve worked with the likes of Patrick Schmidt, Hattie Stewart, Sophy Hollington and Lynnie Zulu.

Bottling the special sauce
We believe that embedding a brand’s values in all aspects of the business is key to its success. So in order to communicate Yard Sale Pizza’s spirit to its growing team, we created a visually engaging staff manual that lived and breathed the brand’s values.

The overall tone of the brand can be charted back to the very beginning, where a hand-built pizza oven was used to test recipes on friends and family at weekly supper clubs. We built the brand around this D-I-Y attitude. It comes through in its aesthetic, and the way in which it makes the local communities part of its extended family.

The brand invests in the digital world as much the physical one. Engagement is high, and our newsletters for them have an outstanding open rate. No spam here, only pepperoni.

Yard Sale Pizza is a brand rich in authenticity and personality. Since its humble beginnings, we have helped it build a loyal and local customer base, successfully winning over their hearts, and stomachs.